Tattoo Aftercare

10 Important Steps in Tattoo After Care

Step 1

Leave your Bandage/Wrap On

It is important to leave your bandage on initially after you are finished till advised by your Artist in order to avoid any infection to your skin.

Step 2

Cleaning your Tattoo after Bandage Removed

Once you remove the bandage, it is important to wash your tattoo thoroughly (but carefully) using warm water and a fragrance-free soap to remove any excess/dried blood and plasma.

Step 3

Pat your Tattoo dry after Cleaning It

Use a Clean Paper Towel to dry your Tattoo by gently PATTING the area. Do not RUB your Tattoo at all as it may cause irritation.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of Aftercare Product

After cleaning your tattoo, ensure the area is COMPLETELY dry before applying a very thin layer of your chosen Tattoo Aftercare Product to help moisturize and nourish the area.

Step 5

Wash your Tattoo Regularly

Continue to use a Fragrance-free Soap and lukewarm water to clean your tattoo at least twice a day.

Step 6

Repeat the Cleaning Process until the Tattoo is fully healed

Remember that your Tattoo isn’t completely safe from germs and bacteria until it has COMPLETELY finished scabbing and peeling. Continue to wash the Tattoo until this point (usually 2-4 weeks) or unless advised by your Artist.

Step 7

Do not pick or pull at the flaking/scabbing skin

During a part of your healing process, you will go through itchiness on and around the area. Picking away at your healing tattoo can delay healing, cause fading, and increase the chances of infection. As itchy as the tattoo will become typically after the 2-week frame, it is most important to avoid scratching or picking at your Tattoo.

Step 8

Stay away from the Sun

Do not expose your new tattoo directly to sunlight and do not apply any sun lotion to the area until it has fully healed.

Step 9

Stay away from Water

All bodies of water can contain nasty bacteria that which will ruin a new tattoo if you are not careful. Stay with quick showers, avoid swimming until your tattoo is fully healed.

Step 10

Continue to look after your Tattoo once healed to Maintain its Colour and Design