The Thought Process of Getting A Tattoo

We know that the thought process of a new or first tattoo can be exciting yet scary. As spontaneous as many of us love to be the importance of knowing what you are tattooing is key. Arranging a FREE consultation with one of our experienced artists can assist in easing any thoughts you may have of your tattoo.

Free Consultation

Ink Living Color offers a free consultation and sit-down with one of our artists. We can assist you in answering any questions you may have to ease any uncertainties, or to help in designing any vision you may have for your tattoo. This allows you to see the tattoos your artist has done in the past and to build a comfort level with your artist. As much as our team loves to tattoo, we also take pride in every piece that walks out our door, so we want to ensure our clients are always happy with their tattoos.

How Do I Know What Tattoo is BEST for me?

As much as we would love to decide on this for you, it is important you do know what you want tattooed on you. We do not suggest anything sporadic in which you may regret in the future. Tattoos are for life and for many are a storyboard or carry a strong symbolic meaning. During your consultation, our artists can help you in furthering your designs or narrowing in on what you have in mind. There are many designs, styles in which our artists will be able to assist you in finding something that is right for you. The most important part is our team is bringing your vision to life.