Seasons change, people change, life changes and so do our passions and decisions in life. With that being said, we understand what we desired once upon a time ago, may not be what we care to have as an expression on our body today. Many call this tattoo regret, or simply a change of passion, a change of heart? Whatever the case, our team at Ink Living Color is here to guide you comfortably.

Many options come into play. Perhaps an enhancement or creation of an existing piece to bring new life to your tattoo or a brand new tattoo by simply covering up anything of the past, perhaps now regretted.

While many questions come to mind of the process, what piece is best used to cover up? what size will it end up? or simply endless questions of worry regarding the process. We highly success a consultation that does not cost you anything to speak to an artist face-to-face.

This will allow you the opportunity to ensure your new vision can also be seen by an artist to answer any questions you may have of the process, or simply for the guidance of an artist to help you bring your new passions into life. Our team understands and with the experience of many past cover-ups, our team is here to ensure you walk away proudly representing your new self-expression.